Court orders ‘Faskuri’ boat to be handed over to owner

Fishing vessel 'Faskuri' | Photo: Facebook

L. Gan, Maldives – The Magistrate Court of L. Gan has issued a court order for ‘Faskuri’ boat, which was hijacked during the early hours of Monday, by a group of thugs armed with sharp-edged weapons, to be handed over to the original owner of the boat.

The court order was sought by the owner of the boat, Idhurees Hussain, for the boat to be handed over to him from the company Rich Club Maldives Pvt. Ltd, in which Member of the Parliament Abdullah Jabir has shares.

At court, Hussain argued that the agreement has come to an end, given that Rich Club Maldives failed to pay the full price of the boat as well as the price of the engine, which is to be payable to Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC).

In light of the clauses stated in the contract, the court issued a temporary order for the boat to be handed over to Hussain until a final verdict is issued, during which time no unauthorized access to the boat would be granted. It also stated a third party being on the boat, which are the fishermen who are currently stuck on the boat, must disembark the boat and clear all belongings, which the exception of the equipment within six hours of the court order being issued, as it can be deemed that the fishermen being on the boat may cause irreversible damage to the owner.

It was also ordered that any violation of this order would allow Maldives Police Service to take necessary action against the violating party. Local media reported on Monday that the boat was sold for MVR 7 million on a monthly installment basis two years ago, out of which only MVR 700,000 was paid.