Pogba denies rumors about his resignation from the National team

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba | photo: Sky sports

France – Midfielder of Manchester United, Paul Pogba has denied the recent rumors saying that he is considering leaving the national team.

The rumors arose on Monday following the speech of the French President Emmanuel Macron regarding the murder of teacher, Samuel Paty describing it as an ‘Islamic Terrorist Attack’. Some of the Middle Eastern medias reported that Pogba was considering resigning from the national team as he recently embraced Islam and was not happy with the President’s speech.

However, Pogba refuted these reports and said in an Instagram post that the rumors about him resigning from the national team is ‘Fake News’ and that such reports are absolutely unacceptable. In addition to this, Pogba tweeted a picture of a news from ‘The Sun’ labelling it as Fake news.

“Absolutely 100% unfounded news about me are going around, stating things I have never said or thought. I am appalled, angry, shocked and frustrated some ‘media’ sources use me to make total fake headlines in the sensible subject of French current events and adding the French national team to the pot,” said Pogba.

Paul Labile Pogba has played an important role in the French National team and played 71 matches till now, in which he scored a total of 10 goals. In addition to this he has also helped the team win a World Cup.