VIA marks highest number of private jet landings after border opening

Private jets parked at Velana International Airport apron | Photo: VIA

Male’, Maldives – Velana International Airport has announced that they have had a record number of private jet landings at the airport after the borders opened in July 15.

In a tweet posted by VIA yesterday, they shared pictures which show both the airport aprons with numerous private jets parked. The tweet stated that the increase in jets was amidst the winter season which is the high tourism season for the country.

Since the borders opened on July 15, after being closed in March with the Covid-19 community spread int he country, tourism sector has been slowly growing with the number of tourist arrivals also increasing day by day.

In addition to private jets, commercial flights have also increased since the borders opened and the Tourism Minister Dr. Mausoom had announced that a total of 18 airlines would be flying to Maldives by the end of November. European flights such as British Airways, Nordwind Airlines, Neos and Austrian Airlines has also started their scheduled flights recently.

According to the latest statistics published by the Maldives Immigration, the number of tourists who arrived into the country is now at 27,217 which was a 56 percent increase from the month of September. Maldives has also received “Safe Travel” stamp by World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) on September 15.