Record number of air traffic seen at VIA

Aircrafts at Velana International Airport | MACL

Male’, Maldives – On 1st November, Velana International Airport (VIA), located in the Male’ region, has reported a record number of air traffic movements per single day after the border’s reopened on July 15th.

The announcement was made by Maldives Airport Company Limited (MACL), which as per the statistics published in the tweet showed that a total of 68 air traffic movements were recorded on the run way, along with 158 seaplane movements, accounting for a total of 277 movements at the airport since the country opened its borders. Although the figures are seemingly low in comparison to the movements on a normal day, the country celebrates the increasing number of tourists arriving into the country.

Along with the highest number of air traffic movements being recorded on 1st November, the highest number of tourist arrivals was also recorded on the same day.

According to a tweet from the Tourism Minister Dr. Abdullah Mausoom, the country has marked a new daily record of 1,582 tourist arrivals on 1st October, making the arrival forecast for October a reality with over 21,000 tourists.

As the island nation heavily depends on the Tourism sector, the closing of the international borders on March 15 had severely impacted the tourism industry of the Maldives. However, the country reopened its borders after in July and has since then worked hard on assuring the world that Maldives is a safe destination and encouraging them to visit the country, having have earned the safe travel badge by World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).