Pompeo tried to hinder China-Maldives relationship: China

  • U.S Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo visited Maldives on October 26, 2020
  • US Embassy in Maldives to be established
  • Official discussions of strengthening the military relationship and financial aid were carried out
  • Secretary of State, Pompeo said communist government of China was breaking the laws of the region
Secretary of State of the United States of America, Michael Pompeo meeting with the President of Maldives, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih | Photo: Presidents Office

Male’, Maldives – Chinese Embassy in Maldives has said that the United States Secretary of State Michael Pompeo tried to refute the good standing relationship of China and Maldives during his visit to the country yesterday.

Chinese Embassy released a statement following the visit of the American Secretary of State Pompeo, retaliating to the comments made by the Foreign Secretary against China. Pompeo has said that Chinese communist government was breaking the laws of the region. China also said that unilateralism and hegemony which is pursued by the US. was a threat to peaceful and stable international relations.

The Chinese Embassy said that American politicians such as Pompeo have been making all kinds of lies to viciously attack China, hyping up ideological confrontation and instigating China’s relations with other countries in the region. China also said that this exposes the American Cold War mentality and ideological bias and that China strongly opposes this.

China also stated that the Indo-Pacific strategy aimed at stirring up confrontation among different groups and blocs and to stoke geopolitical competition, which violates the spirit of mutual benefits featuring win-win outcomes and undermines the prospect of regional peace and development. It also stated that in the the 21st century which is an era of globalization, that the interests of all countries are inextricably intertwined. China further added that organizing closed and exclusive cliques stands completely against trend of the times and common interests of international community and that it would turn out to be a dead-end for America.

China has also accused Pompeo for openly pressuring middle and small countries to take sides and said that the claim that US respects sovereignty sounded like a joke. China also stated that the mutually-beneficial cooperation between China and Maldives was in line with the common interests of the two countries and that it would bring more benefits to people of both countries.

In addition to this China also criticized how America was handling the Covid-19 pandemic and said that the U.S. politicians should acknowledge that China and the US are different and face up to China’s achievements and contributions to the world under their current leadership. China also criticized the U.S for withdrawing from the Paris Agreement and said that it was a backlash and obstacle for the international community to tackle climate change.