Highest tourist arrivals recorded on November 1

Tourists arriving to Maldives after borders reopen | Photo: Deccan Herald

Male’, Maldives – Tourism Minister Dr. Abdullah Mausoom has said that November 1 was the day on which the most number of tourists arrived to Maldives since the reopening of the border.

Tourism Minister tweeted congratulating the tourism industry for achieving the target number of tourists for October as over 21,000 tourists arrived in October. He further added that a record number of tourists arrived on 1st November as a total of 1,582 tourists.

The Maldivian borders were initially closed on March 15 and this had a huge impact on the Maldivian economy as tourism is the main source of income for Maldives. The borders reopened on July 15th and the number of tourists arriving to Maldives had started to increase ever since.

Maldives is now among one of the few holiday destinations that have been internationally opened to tourists and hence many airlines have commenced their travels to Maldives and many new airlines have started operating to Maldives as well. This includes airlines such as the national airline of Britain, British Airways.