Canareef will reopen soon: Minister Mausoom

Canareef Resort, Addu City | Photo: Travel Triange

Addu City, Maldives – Minister of Tourism of Maldives Dr. Abdullah Mausoom has said that Canareef Resort, which is currently closed after the resort was used as a quarantine facility in Addu City, will reopen very soon.

Speaking with ‘The Times of Addu’, Minister Mausoom said that the utilization of existing beds in Addu City is vital to restart the tourism industry in the city, and that it is vital for Canareef and Shangri-La to resume operations for this to happen. The Minister detailed that there is hope that Canareef will open very soon, and that Addu’s tourism will start to flourish in the year 2021. However, he did not specify an exact date, explaining that there are still some work to be done with regards to the opening for the resort.

He further added that Addu requires a minimum of 6,000 beds for tourism to boom, and that this is expected to be achieved sometime by late 2022 or early 2023. He also added that the current plans for Addu’s tourism development look promising.

Addressing the issue of low tourist demand to the city right now, Minister Mausoom said that the aim is to improve the situation of the industry in the city by early 2021 and that by then, the Addu-Huvadhoo connectivity would also be established, highlighting that seaplanes would be operational out of Addu City soon.

He also highlighted the future prospects of international airlines resuming flights to Gan International Airport, stating that Sri Lankan has reassured that the airline will resume operations soon. This has also been reiterated by the Country Manager of Sri Lankan Airlines to the Maldives, Mr. Fawzan Fareid.

Addu City, which is the second most populous city in the country has been met with a standstill tourism industry, after the country was forced to shut down its borders due to the on going Covid-19 pandemic. However, the City welcomed its first tourist since the pandemic, on 28th October. The tourist arrived at Equator Village, which was shortly followed by a second tourist arrival at Wave Sound by 3S. Currently there are only two tourists in Addu.

Minister Mausoom thanked the tourist facilities which are currently operational, and highlighted and commended the sacrifice and dedication of the management of these facilities in supporting Addu City’s tourism industry.