Soneva Jani announces 85 new job vacancies

Soneva Jani
Soneva Jani in Noonu Atoll of Maldives. | Photo: Maldives Finest

Malé, Maldives — One of the most luxurious resort of Maldives, Soneva Jani announces 85 new and exciting job vacancies.

On November 4, Soneva Jani revealed that they have announced a total of eighty five new job opportunities, as a part of the resort’s chapter two expansion, which they fill up the job vacancies in the coming months.

The 85 job vacancies announced by Soneva are:

  • Housekeeping — 18 positions.
  • Butler roles — 16 positions.
  • Water sports department — 02 positions.
  • Boat crew — 02 positions.
  • LIFE team — 02 positions.
  • Reservations agent — 01 position.
  • Gift shop assistants — 02 positions.
  • Airport hosts — 02 positions.
  • Assistant F&B Manager — 01 position.
  • F&B team — 08 positions.
  • Engineering team — 10 positions.
  • Kitchen team — 14 positions.

While the job opportunities which come with a range of benefits and opportunities for progression, are open for people of all nationals, Soneva encourages Maldivians to apply and said that, “preference will be given to Maldivians as part of Soneva’s SLOWLIFE core purpose.”

“This has been a very hard year for Maldives tourism and for tourism globally generally, so we are very happy to present this opportunity to provide almost 100 jobs on the back of one of the worst crises that the world has seen in living memory,” said Sonu Shivdasani, Founder, CEO and Joint Creative Director of Soneva. 

According to the resort, one of the main goal of Soneva is to encourage female employment and to raise the female employment level of the resort. As such, Soneva claims to be an “equal opportunity employer” and that maintain that they are determined in empowering their female employees with a safe and secure environment.

While Soneva Jani currently has 20% of female employees in their resort, Soneva disclosed that 28% of these employees are working at a managerial role. The resort further revealed that by the year 2021, they aim to increase the female employee percentage to 30.

“We want to recruit the absolute best people we can find, because one of the differences between Soneva and our competitors is the human warmth and intuitive service provided by our incredible team. I can’t wait to meet the new generation of hosts who will join our family,” Sonu added.

Surrounded by uninterrupted ocean views, Soneva Jani is 35 minutes away by a seaplane from the Velana International Airport in Malé city. The resort currently has 24 overwater villas, three island villas and is aiming to build additional Water Reserves in Chapter Two expansion.