Local penalised by MVR 2,500 for violating littering laws

Addu City Council | Photo: Sun

Addu City, Maldives – A man has been penalised by MVR 2,500 for violating littering regulations and throwing trash near the shore.

The local penalised for violating the regulations is Ali Shihab of S.Hithadhoo, Dhaagandukekurige. Addu City Council said that Ali Shihab, who runs the outlet DCC traders, had been notified by letter not to litter the area and to remove the trash from the area within 15 days on 1st July due reports from locals.

Ali Shihab was then penalized by MVR 2,500 after he failed to act on the instructions of the notice from the council and continued littering the shore area. This is a direct violation of the 8th section of the regulation concerning community disturbances and was notified to pay the penalty amount to the council within 10 days notice under section 15 of the regulation.

In addition to this, Shihab was asked to remove all waste place by him in the area, before 8th November and to arrange an alternate method for the disposal of trash by registering at a company specialised for the purpose such as WAMCO. The council notice further said that Ali Shihab has been notified that further actions will be taken if he fails to follow the instructions.