Male’ City Council fined for littering

Waste dumped in compound near Edhuruhiyaa. Photo: Mihaaru

Male’ City Council has been fined for MVR 45,500 for littering by Environment Protection Agency.

EPA has given Council 30 days to pay the fine, after investigation several complaints by public. EPA informed Male’ City Council has been littering large amount of wastes in the compound east of “Edhuruhiyaa”.

After investigation, EPA has found out that Council has been collecting waste unattended from all over Male’, and dumping them in the night as WAMCO waste collection is closed at night. These waste are moved to WAMCO in the morning.

However, EPA said the area is used by a large potion of the public, and when EPA went to investigate they did in fact find waste dumped in there, referring to environment protection act, the actions of Council are deemed unlawful. EPA has also advised Council to act according to the waste protection act and acquire required permits to collect and dispose waste.