JUST IN: Second sample of Addu individual negative

Link Road of Addu City, Handeke - Gaukendi area | Photo: Naj

Addu city, Maldives – Health Emergency Operation Centre (HEOC) has confirmed that the second sample of the individual who’s initial samples were inconclusive, has now come back negative.

HEOC confirmed to ‘The Times of Addu’, while there was a breach in quarantine of the individual who was in home quarantine, the individual’s initial test for Covid-19 came back inconclusive, while a second test run also came back inconclusive, following which, a fresh sample was collected and sent to Male’ for further testing. The results have since come back negative

HEOC stressed during the press conference on Thursday night, that there are no signs of a community spread in Addu, and that should there be one, it would be announced by the health authorities.

As of now, all confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Addu city have all been from individuals in quarantine.

Despite the individual testing negative for COVID-19, it has been made mandatory for everyone to wear masks in Addu city as there are operating guest houses in Addu, which is a requirement of Health Protection Agency (HPA)