Nasheed congratulates Biden on ‘historical win’

Former President and Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed after his return to Maldives after 3 years in November 1, 2018 | Photo: Nishan Ali

Male’, Maldives – Former President of Maldives and current Speaker of the Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed has congratulated the American presidential candidate Joe Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris on their ‘historical win’ against incumbent President, Donald Trump.

In his Tweet, Nasheed said he looks forward to see the US rejoining the Paris Agreement and submitting an updated Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) to help heal the planet – something the current administration of America has not been in favor of.

As the vote count still goes ahead, the official race has not been called yet. However, results seem optimistic as Biden takes the lead over Trump, with ‘The New York Times’ describing the latest updates of the election where Biden has reportedly pulled ahead of Trump in Pennsylvania with 20,000 votes as, “a win there would give Mr. Biden the electoral votes he needs to win the presidency.”

As per the live updates of the US 2020 presidential elections, Biden is inching closed for a win, having have secured 264 electoral votes, according to ‘Bloomberg’ and ‘The Associated Press’, with Trump training behind with 214 votes.

Some international news outlets have also reported that Biden will be speaking on Friday night, even if the race is not called.

As Biden bags votes, keeping in him in the lead in most of the remaining states, Trump has announced that he would be legally challenging any states in which Biden secures a win, and has even called for the counting to stop.