Whale washed up on Thakandhoo shore

Big fish
The big fish that washed up on the shore of Thakandhoo. | Photo: Aishath Aasifaa

Haa Alif Atoll, Maldives — A whale has reportedly washed up on the shore of Haa Alif Thakandhoo, an inhabited island un north of Maldives.

The dead whale is said to have washed up to the island at around 10:00 in the morning and was discovered by the locals at the ocean side beach of the island.

However, the Vice President of Thakandhoo council, Aishath Aasifaa informed several media outlets that the whale was completely rotten when the locals found it.

She further added that as the island does not have the means or the facility to dispose of the whale properly, the matter has been notified to relevant authorities to proceed further with the matter.