Dhidhhoo puts a pause of prayer in congregation

HA. Dhidhhoo Photo: Unknown

Dhidhhoo, Maldives – As contact tracing is underway, following a positive case of Covid-19 from a boat named Savaari of Haa Alif. Kelaa, Haa Alif. Dhidhhoo council had decided that no prayer will take place in congregation in the island until contact tracing efforts are concluded.

In a statement released by Dhidhhoo council, it was declared that the decision was made as many people from Dhidhhoo have been in contact with the crew aboard Savaari from HA. Kelaa, who have tested positive for Covid-19, resulting in the island being placed on monitoring status by Health Protection Agency (HPA).

Due to this, as of Fajr prayer of Friday morning no prayers, including Eid and Friday prayers would take place in congregation in the mosques of the island until further notice, the announcement read.

The announcement also requested any individual who might have been in contact with the crew of Savaari boat to notify authorities as soon as possible and advised the general public to wear masks when out in public and to avoid going out unless absolutely necessary, especially children and the elderly.