Issue regarding death of Kandima employee submitted to Parliament

Kandima Maldives - Dhaalu Atoll.
Kandima Maldives in Dhaalu Atoll of Maldives | Photo: Travel & Treasure

Male’, Maldives – The death of an employee at Kandima Maldives, who passed away due to the Covid-19 virus has been filed with the Parliament.

The issue was put forward to the Parliament by the MP of Kudahuvadhoo constituency Ahmed Amir, as a matter of urgency. However, Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed highlighted that the Parliament’s regulation does not allow members to put forward issues to the Parliament on the day of annual budget proposal, and stated that it would be looked into the following day.

On 30th October, a 60 year old employee of Kandima Maldives passed away, roughly about four hours after he was taken to Dhaalu Atoll Hospital for treatment of Covid-19 like symptoms. The individual was tested for Covid-19 as customary, of which the results came back positive.

Upon investigation carried out by health authorities of the Maldives, the Director General of Public Health, Maimoona Aboobakr recommended the case be filed with Maldives Police Service, which has since been done.

According to his family, the deceased was reported to have been sick for about two weeks and the requests to transfer the sick employee to a health care facility -outside of the resort- was disregarded by the resort.

As the matter is being further investigated by authorities, contact tracing and further sample collection in the island is being carried out, with more than 60 individuals already having have tested positive for the virus.