PG requests to have MMPRC hearings broadcasted

Prosecutor General of Maldives Hussain Shameem | Photo: Sun

Male’, Maldives – Prosecutor General’s Office of Maldives has sent a request to the Criminal Court requesting the scheduled Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) corruption trials to be broadcast live.

Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem tweeted earlier on Monday that his office has sent a letter to criminal court to livestream the MMPRC court hearings and stressed the importance of insuring transparency.

This request comes after another high profile case, Former President Abdullah Yameen’s money laundering case, became the first court hearing to be broadcast live in the Maldives.

Yameen was found guilty of money laundering an is now serving 5 years at Maafushi Prison.

Yameen’s Former Vice President, Ahmed Adeeb was found guilty of 7 charges related to the MMPRC scandal pressed against him by the Maldivian government. He is now serving his 20 year sentence at home, which courts allowed due to his deteriorating health.

President of ACC, Mariyam Shiuna previously said that the MMPRC investigation is being carried out in collaboration with the commission formulated by the government to look into corruption matters, as well as other institutions of the government and that 30 people are under investigation as high priority cases.