Presidential term must start on November 11: President Solih

Ibrahim Mohamed Solih
Ibrahim Mohamed Solih taking his oath to be the 7th President of the Republic of Maldives in 2018| Photo: President's Office.

Male’, Maldives – President of Maldives, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih stated that the presidential term must start on November 11, as how it had been done for years in Maldives.

While Maldives celebrates Republic day annually on November 11, the presidential term also started on the same day as well. However, for the presidential election that was held on 2013, there was delay in taking the vows and eventually, the presidential term had started on November 17 rather than 11.

President Solih announced that the presidential term must start on November 11 like how it has been going for years. He said that hopefully he will find a solution to change the date to how it should be as he believes that the presidential term should be counted starting from November 11 onwards.

“However, due to the negligence of the previous government, the start of the presidential term has been delayed by six days. Despite this, I personally believe that it is most appropriate to start the term on November 11. That is why, I am working hard to change the date to how it has always been.” President Solih stated.

After the previous government had several issues regarding the elections and had to delay the presidential vows to November 17, the presidential vows of President Solih was also decided to take place on November 17, rather than 11.

President Solih further mentioned that he will not hold on to the extra six days and that he will end his presidential term on November 11. However, he said that he will do this in accordance to the laws.

“I will find a legal solution for this problem. I want the presidential term to start like how it always has. To change November 11 as the day a new presidential term starts. However, I can only do this after overcoming the legal issues that will be faced. So, by the time my presidential term ends, I will find a solution for this problem,” President Solih stated.

The Republic Day of Maldives is celebrated every year on November 11 since 1986. This is the day, Maldives proclaimed its second republic. While the republic in Maldives gains a year after every five years, the presidential term also starts on November 11 and ends after every five years.