Utheem Council president suspended indefinitely

Ha. Utheem Council President Abdhulla Rasheed during discussions to hold a women's volleyball competition | Photo: Secretariat of Utheemu Council

Male’, Maldives –  Ha. Utheem Council President Abdhulla Rasheed has been indefinitely suspended following an ongoing investigation by the Local Government Authority (LGA).

Rasheed was informed of his suspension via a letter sent by LGA explaining that during a LGA meeting on 8th November, it was decided that allegations against Rasheed are to be investigated and until the investigation and possible prosecution is completed, he is suspended.

LGA has said that they have received 11 complaints regarding Abdhulla Rasheed. Which are:

  • A cable TV agreement given 5 years rent on paper was instead given 10 years.
  • The cable TV operator has not paid rent from January 2020 to October 2020, however no official action has been taken against them.
  • Sweeping and maintenance of the island was given to 4 individuals under contract without any interview.
  • After a janitor quit, vacancy was announced for the position, but Rasheed selected an individual he favored.
  • Procurements from the council bought from “Biztechs International” repeatedly, and 2 other quotations also to be purchased from the same company.
  • An individual fired from a civil service position for theft employed to the Utheem Pool of Imaams.
  • Procurement policies and other records that the council is required to keep not done.
  • Records of financial assistance received by the council not kept
  • Cutting of a tree in the council premises did not follow correct administrative procedures.

LGA has given Rasheed until 14:00 of the 24th of November to respond to these allegations.