LGA launches inquiry against Dhuvaafaru Council for embezzling over MVR 2 million

R. Dhuvaafaru | Photo: Sun

Malé, Maldives – Local Government Authority (LGA) on Tuesday urged the authorities to investigate Dhuvaafaru Local Council and Women’s Development Committee for embezzling over MVR 2 million.

LGA further stated that the authority is preparing to launch an inquiry into the case. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Islamic Affairs has come forward in defence of the Dhuvaafaru Council.

On 23 July 2022, LGA published an investigative report on R. Dhuvaafaru Council indicating embezzlement of over MVR 2 million, with large amounts deposited to private accounts of councillors and WDC members.

Deposits made without any documentation (total 1.7 million),

  • MVR 711,617 to Assistant Director Mohamed Ali Fulhu
  • MVR 447,837 to Councillor Mohamed Sham
  • MVR 237, 548 to Vice President Izmeel Ahmed
  • MVR 165,200 to Secretary General Mohamed Nasir
  • MVR 127,058 to Councillor Zuhada Adam
  • MVR 84,035 to Councillor Aminath Salah
  • MVR 65,700 to WDC President Aminath Ahmed
  • MVR 5,000 to contract employee Ahmed Shamil

LGA report also adds that amounts from the Zakat fund were also misappropriated.

  • MVR 318,600 deposited to Assistant Director Mohamed Ali Fulhu by Councillor in charge Zuhuda Adam
  • MVR 54,608 provided in cash to Councillor in charge Zuhuda Adam

Ministry of Islamic Affairs, in charge of distributing Zakat, however, refuted the LGA report and stated that the residents of Dhuvaafaru received their Zakat.

Expenditure on in-kind donations,

  • MVR 201,723 to purchase Ramadan gifts
  • MVR 23,683 on travel expenses for councillors to purchase the aforementioned gifts

LGA report indicates that the Dhuvaafaru Local Council and WDC had violated Act on Decentralization of the Administrative Divisions of the Maldives (Act 07/2010) and the Public Finance Act (Act 3/2006).

The authority has since requested Anti Corruption Commission to investigate the case on 21 July 2022. The commission has not taken a decision regarding the case as of present.

Dhuvaafaru Council was investigated from 12 to 16 June 2022 by a 7 member team of LGA.