Two arrested over vandalizing female taxi driver’s vehicle

Aminath Waheed
Aminath Waheed is the only female taxi driver in Male' city. | Photo: Mihaaru

Male’, Maldives –  Two individuals have been arrested for vandalizing the vehicle of the only female taxi driver in the capital Malé City.

On Saturday, the Maldives Police Service confirmed they have arrested two individual of the age 26 and 28 for suspected vandalizing of the female taxi driver’s car on October.

The Police revealed that they first arrested the 26-year-old local male on November 05, and that this individual was remanded twice, for a five-day period. The second individual is a 28-year-old Maldivian male according to Police and he was arrested on Friday night. He was remanded for five days as well.

Aminath had recently shared her concerns saying that despite the same act repeating several times, no proper action has been taken against this matter. She said that she has reported this matter to relevent authorities and has also lodged a complaint regarding the matter to the Parliament. However, Aminath said that the government has not taken any action against this matter yet.

On October 26, the female taxi driver, Aiminath Hassan reported to police that her car was vandalized by group of unknown people after she had parked it near her house. According to Aminath, this is the fifth time someone vandalized her car. She said that it takes her approximately MVR 11,000 to MVR 14,000 to repair the car, each time it gets damaged.

This time, Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof contacted Aminath to help her repair the car as she had explained that she has no way to pay for the repairs after paying rent, which cost MVR 18,000 and paying for electricity and water on top of that, as well as the expenses of her two kids. Aminath thanked Minister Mahloof for helping her and said that she would not have been able to make ends meet this month if he had not helped.