Employ more Maldivians at resorts : Nazil

Member of Parliament for Hithadhoo Constituency Ibrahim Nazil Photo: Majilis.

Male’, Maldives – Member of Parliament for Hithadhoo Constituency Ibrahim Nazil has called for resorts to employ more Maldivians, rather than bringing in foreign employees.

Speaking at Parliamentary sitting discussing the upcoming year’s budget, MP Nazim said that with 2 resorts in Addu, Canareef Resort Maldives and Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort & Spa, Maldives currently not in operation, it can be safely assumed that there is almost no large income to the Addu economy, as other industries in the atoll, such as farming are barely existant.

He added that Shangri-La, being a 30% government owned establishment with 500 employees, should not be closed right now.

“There is no Covid-19 outbreak in Addu, why haven’t these 2 resorts opened yet? What has the government done for Addu citizens to enable re-opening of these resorts? As an Addu resident, this is depressing” said Nazim.

Nazim explained that , during these trying times, it is much better to employ Maldivian’s rather than bringing in foreigners, and requested the Ministry of Tourism to assist in enabling this.

“On the first day, foreign resort workers outnumbered the number of tourists flying in to the Maldives, the little revenue we receive is just sent back out, with previously MVR 15.42 USD rates going up to MVR 19.50, we have been forced to talking about this” he said

Recent tourist arrival numbers have been at their highest since borders reopened, with more than 2000 tourist arriving last Sunday, and even more forecasted to arrive in the following high season.