Dhavandhoo ceases guesthouse operations

Aerial view of B. Dharavandhoo | Photo: Liquid Salt Divers

B. Dharavandhoo, Maldives – The local council of Dharavandhoo island in Baa Atoll, just north of Male’ Atoll, has announced the decision to stop guesthouse operations, meaning no tourism activities will take place in the island.

The decision was fueled by dissatisfied islanders, who protested in front of the local council office, voicing out concerns of the troubles which the locals have to face as new quarantine regulations are being imposed on islands with operational guesthouses.

The regulations mandated by the Health Protection Agency (HPA), include the requirement of islanders going to another island from an island with operational guesthouses to be quarantined in the visiting island for a period of fourteen days.

According to the islanders, many of them have to frequent between Dharavandhoo and Eydhafushi of the same atoll, even for simple things as purchasing small items. The new regulations would mean that on each trip, those going from Dharavandhoo would have to get quarantined in Eydhafushi, before they can carry out the purpose of their visit and come back home.

The also highlighted the fact that the island has only been visited by three tourists so far, since the island got approved by the Ministry of Tourism for guesthouse operation.

The island council stated that this decision will last until further notice and that this has been implemented as the people of the island want.