Protests in B. Fulhadhoo for differentiating tourists & locals

Citizens protesting in B. Fulhadhoo. | Photo: Avas

Baa Atoll, Maldives — Citizens of B. Fulhadhoo have started protests claiming that tourists and locals of the atoll are being differentiated.

Several citizens of the island have protested infront of the island office for opening guesthouses in the atoll. During their protest, the citizens expressed dissatisfaction towards the decision of the reopening of guesthouses in the island and said that they do not support bringing tourists to the islands.

One of the protestor from B. Fuladhoo said that it is unfair that the citizens have to stay in “lockdown” while tourists are given the permission to travel and reside in different atolls.

This is why, the protestors called onto free them from the “island lockdown” they are in as they also wish to travel to other atolls in the country during the holidays period.

The guesthouses of Fulhadhoo was reopened today and the atoll has already welcomed multiple tourists to the country.

While the opinions of the citizens were initially taken before reopening the guesthouses in an island, the Tourism Ministry had changed this rule to allow guesthouses to open as soon as they wish to as several guesthouses have complained about not being able to open.

This is because several islanders show dissatisfaction towards opening guesthouses in the island and for this reason, the economy and the guesthouses don’t usually function well in the island.