ACC urges for cooperation from all three branches of government

Anti Corruption Commission President Mariyam Shiuna (L) at the Ceremony unveiling ACC's 2020-2024 strategic action plan | Photo : ACC

Male’, Maldives –  President of the Anti Corruptions Commission (ACC), Mariyam Shiuna has asked for cooperation from all three branches of the government to put an end to corruption in Maldives.

Speaking at the ceremony unveiling ACC’s 2020-2024 strategic action plan, Shiuna said that the plan was formulated with a focus on monitoring and evaluation policies.

The plan was put together after consulting multiple institutions and discussions with many parties and includes amendments to ACC policies that will greatly improve their overall service, which were made after considering global standards, the Maldivian constitution and the experience of ACC employees.

She explained this plan will allow ACC to complete tasks that the constitution requires them to do and will be the main tool assisting the commission to improve the integrity of the government and achieve their vision of establishing a integrous corruption free community.

Shiuna explained that the strategic plan will contribute to increasing the commissions’ capabilities and reinforce work procedures. Which is essential as saving the country from corruption is a tough job due to corrupt individuals continuing to commit crimes through new and advanced methods

As a consequence of this, in addition to the support provided by the new strategic plan, Shiuna stressed the importance of assistance from the three main government branches, to investigate and confront such individuals

Back in October, Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) Member of Parliament , Hassan Mohamed, along with several other MDP MPs proposed a decree to remove the members of the ACC to the Committee on Independent Commissions claiming that the members of ACC cannot be trusted anymore.

The statement came from MP Hassan after the ACC forwarded names of decided that the 11 individuals, including the then Minister of Health Abdhulla Ameen , to the Prosecutor General’s Office (PG) with regards to the corruption cited in the Auditor General’s report regarding the compliance of the Ministry with set policies and regulations during the Covid-19 pandemic.

MDP parliamentary members have previously also questioned the investigations that are done by ACC, with them raising questions as to why the ACC is focusing on small issues rather than the MMPRC grand corruption scandal.

While the case against Minister Ameen was dismissed by the PG’s office citing insufficient proof, the Minister later resigned after massive public backlash. The decree to dismiss ACC members was voted out at the committee stage, while another motion, to summon individual ACC members to parliament for questioning was passed.