Action will be taken against everyone involved in corruption: ACC

Shiuna ACC
President of Anti-Corruption Commission, Mariyam Shiuna. | Photo: SunMv

Male’, Maldives – The President of Anti Corruptions Commission of Maldives (ACC), Mariyam Shiuna states that severe actions will be taken against everyone who are involved in any type of corruption acts, even if the person is of a higher status or from a certain political party.

While speaking on the occasion of this year’s International Anti-Corruption Day, Shiuna stated that one of the important lessons that we learned this year is that those who wish to carry out corruption acts will continue to do so without having any sense of humanity within them, despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the tough and vulnerable times the country is facing.

ACC informed that even during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, they have received a total of 34 complaints referring that corruption took place in different departments of the government while in the process of bringing products and services that are needed to treat the coronavirus in Maldives.

Shiuna further stressed that if the higher authorities who are responsible of the safety of Maldivians have the thought of taking advantage at such a time in order to get rich, then they must remember that they will have to be responsible for their actions sooner or later.

The aim of ACC is to hold responsible whoever is taking advantage of the people’s money and gaining profit and punish (in accordance with the law) without regards to their status or political party.

President of ACC, Shiuna stated.

Shiuna also added that this can only be achieved with the help and support of the citizens.