8 Individuals arrested on suspicion of terrorism

Maldives Police officers | Photo: Sun

Male’ , Maldives – After a special operation, 6 individuals have been arrested and held until trial on suspicions of being involved with extremist groups plotting a terrorist attack.

After 2 suspects, aged 28 and 34 were arrested on Friday for suspected involvement on a now failed terrorist attack plot, the total number of arrested has reached 8.

Previously, Maldives Police Service arrested 6 individuals, aged 20, 21 29, 18, 34, and 31 during their investigations on religious extremists. All except the 18 year old are to be held in remand for 15 days, while the 18 year old is to be detained for 5 days.

Although police refuse to release any details on their ongoing investigation, identities of the arrested are likely to be publicized in the near future.

Police have been cracking down hard on religious extremists and terrorism, with numerous individuals arrested as the result of their ivestigations.

President Ibrahim has recently referred to various types of terrorism as huge threat to national security, while speaking at the oath taking ceremony of graduates completing MNDF’s 66th basic training course. He added that he has no doubt the graduates will utilize their knowledge and skills to prevent terrorism and violent extremism, and contribute to the establishment of peaceful communities .