6 people arrested over attempted terror attack

Police Officers conducting their operation in Madduvvari, Raa Atoll | Photo: Madduvvari Online

Male’, Maldives – Maldives Police Service has told that six individuals have been arrested over the attempted terror attack in Maldives yesterday.

According to the Police, they have apprehended an eighteen year old, twenty year old, twenty one year old, twenty nine year old, thirty one year old and a thirty four year old during the ongoing operation.

“Police have stopped an extremist attack which was being planned in Maldives after Police Intelligence received information of the attack and brought some people under our custody and this operation is still ongoing” Police media official told last night.

Police reported that all of them are Maldivian men and they had been arrested after the Police Intelligence Unit received information of a terrorist attack by extremists in the country.

Last night, Police revealed that operation was carried out in Male’, Male’ area sea and Th. Thimarafushi. MPS had arrested five people from Male’ area and one person from Th. Thimarafushi.