Addu Flying School terminates 15 more students!

Training plane owned by the flying school in Addu City | Photo: maldivesindependent

Addu City, Maldives – Asian Academy of Aeronautics has terminated another 15 students from the school, after failing to have complied with the notice of the Ministry of Higher Education, to formulate individual study plans for all local students and to get it approved, prior to taking any action regarding the studies of the students.

According to the emails sent by the school to the 15 students who were terminated on Saturday and Sunday, the school cited the reason of termination as not having have completed the course to a satisfactory level to the point in time which the emails were sent. However, several students were not issued a prior warning either.

While another student of the school was terminated during the last week, the matter has been forwarded to the Maldives Civil Aviation Authority.

According to the school’s Student Union, the 15 students were terminated following a meeting with a team from the authorities, including a Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation arrived in Addu City to meet with the students, during which roughly 40-50 students met with the team.

The school started acting in bad faith towards the students more rigorously following a notice by the Ministry of Higher Education of the Maldives, which stated that the school would have taken action against them, along with instructions on to better the situation for the students. However, not only has the school failed to comply within the working 20 days, which was the period allocated for them, it has started doubling down on the grievances put on the students, of which the latest is the termination of these 15 students.

While this has been going on for months, and authorities have been aware of the issues for weeks, no action has yet been taken against the school, which have been rumoured to have affiliations within the government itself.

‘The Times of Addu” contacted the Ministry of Higher Education regarding the matter, but was unable to obtain a comment regarding the termination of the students, but the Ministry did confirm that the school failed to comply with the notice of the Ministry.

However, Civil Aviaition Authority was not aware of the terminations of the 15 students at the time when “The Times of Addu” contacted the institution, hence was not able to give an immediate comment on the issue.

The Asian Academy of Aeronautics, is run by a Sri Lankan party, in Gan, Addu City of Maldives. It was founded in 2008 in Sri Lanka and opened its doors in 2010 as the first flight school to operate in Maldives.