Country at a state to even collect tax from evening snacks: Opposition

Senior officials of PPM/PNC opposition coalition
Senior officials of PPM/PNC opposition coalition. | Photo via Sun

Malé, Maldives – MP Ahmed Saleem of the opposition coalition of PPM/PNC stated during a meeting that the incumbent government is currently at a state where they are in need to collect tax from evening tea as well.

At the opposition meeting that was held on November 30, MP Saleem stated that the budget for the year 2021 that was passed by the Majilis was a mindless and ill-favored budget as the forecasted revenue they had added was not something that can actually be received.

Saleem noted the while the government is already taking taxes in the name of different pretexts, the budget for the upcoming year states that additional taxes will be taken in other areas as well. While saying this, Saleem said that it is dangerous for the government to take taxes in the name of congestion.

In other words, the state is at a condition where they need to take taxes from the snacks that are made for evening tea at homes.

MP Saleem stated.

Saleem said that the country being at such a low state is something that needs to be thought through and that this is the reason why he did not vote in support of the budget at the parliament sitting.

The budget was passed with 68 Parliamentary votes, with only one member (Saleem) not voting on the budget that was amended by the parliament despite the requests from Finance Minister, Ibrahim Ameer to pass the bill as it is.

After amendments from the Parliamentary Budget Committee, the budget for 2021 now stands at MVR 34.9 billion, an increase of MVR 134 million from the original budget, which has since been approved by the Parliament.

The Parliamentary Budget Committee also increased the forecasted revenue by  MVR 3.2 billion, which has brought down the forecasted budget deficit to  MVR 12.3 billion, from the previously projected MVR 15.5 billion. In addition to this, the Committee also brought several other changes 2021 budget.