MP Saleem pressured to resign as Minority leader: MP Shareef

Adam Shareef, MP of Maduvvari Constituency | Photo: Maldives Parliament

Male’, Maldives —The MP for Maduvvari Constituency, Adam Shareef has accused that the MP for Eydafushi and the Leader of Minority of the Parliament, Ahmed Saleem was presented to the Asset Recovery Commission to influence him into resign from his position as the leader of Minority.

While MP Saleem was presented to the commission regarding the massive MMPRC corruption, MP Shareef accused that the members of the Opposition parties are being presented to the Commission regarding the MMPRC corruption case to offer and make deals with them. MP Shareef stated that the traitors have already made deals with the government.

Saleem knows how names can be deleted from that list. Some of the members names have already been deleted.

MP Adam Shareef, Maduvvari Constituency

Along with this, MP Shareef also tweeted to say that MP Saleem is already being influenced to resign his position as a leader of the Minority and that this was the purpose of presenting MP Saleem to the Commission as well.

MP Shareef stated that the government wishes to appoint a member who would do as they wish for the leader of Minority, however, MP Shareef stated that what the government wants will not happen.