Every citizen will get access to Covid-19 vaccine: Health Ministry

Moderna announces a high success rate COVID-19 Vaccine Dado | Photo: Ruvić/Reuters

Male’, Maldives – Health Ministry has announced that every citizen of Maldives will get access to the Covid-19 as soon as it is made available worldwide.

Speaking on the “Fala Suruhee” programme of Raajje tv, State Minister of the Health Ministry Dr. Shah Mahir said that as Maldives has registered at the Covex Facility, which is the facility responsible for fairly distributing the vaccine worldwide, it would be available free of cost to 20 percent of the population. He also said that the budget is set and ready to buy the required vaccine and that theres no shortage of budget.

All the Maldivian citizens will get the vaccine. As soon as the vaccine is available worldwide, we will also get them.

said, State Minister Shah

Shah further said that they are making efforts to get access to the Astrazeneca vaccine produced by Oxford University and the Covid vaccine produced by a biotechnical company of America, Moderna. He said that these two vaccines are the most appropriate ones be used in Maldives considering the environment.

These two vaccines are the most promising vaccines for us considering the environment. This includes the storage temperature and other factors and hence, we are making efforts to get access to these two effective vaccines.

– Dr. Shah Mahir, State Minister of the Ministry of Health of Maldives

To prepare for the coming stages of distribution of the vaccine, a national steering committee has been put together to carry on the necessary work. The priority groups to which the vaccines would be given first has already been identified and registered. The vaccine is expected to be ready to administer during the first quarter of the coming year.