I will save Maldives from drugs: Umar

Former Home Minister Umar Naseer | Photo: One Online

Male’, Maldives – Former Minister of Home Affairs, Umar Naseer has said that he will free the Maldives from drugs and that it is an unshaken pledge of him.

Former Home Minister Umar Naseer recently announced publicly that he will be taking part in the 2023 presidential elections and now, he is requesting the citizens to leave the political parties and accompany him in clearing the illegal drugs that are being used in the country.

The statement from Umar comes after an individual who was supposed to be serving 25 years in jail was released in just three years by the incumbent government.

On 2017, an individual by the name of Abdulla Sofwath was arrested for having possession of 24 Kilograms of drugs (worth MVR 100 on street) by the police. The man was later found guilty and sentenced to 25 years in prison. However, a local media, “Mihaaru” revealed that the individual has been released from prison after just three years of his sentence.

After finding out this information, Umar stated that this action was clearly done against the law and to join him in properly clearing the illegal drugs that are being brought to Maldives.

While the Correction refuses to give any comments regarding the releasement of Sofwath, the actual reason why Sofwath was released is still not confirmed yet.

Smuggling drugs into Maldives is considered a great offence in the country and if an individual is found guilty, the law does not permit the individual to be forgiven.