Highest number of tourist arrivals in one day recorded

Post lockdown tourist arrivals in Maldives | Photo: Avas

Male’, Maldives – Tourism Minister Abdulla Mausoom said that 2,900 tourists arrivals were recorded yesterday alone, which is the highest number of tourist arrivals recorded in one day since border reopening.

Tourism Minister Mausoom tweeted saying that over 2,900 tourist arrivals have been recorded yesterday and that this is a record amount. He then congratulated the travel and tourism industry and for the remarkable achievement and thanked all those working hard and bringing daily arrivals from zero to near 3000 in just 20 weeks.

According to the latest tourism statistics revealed by the ministry, over 6000 tourist arrivals were recorded till the December 4th amounting to a total of 82,902 tourist arrivals since border reopening. This includes 1752 tourist arrivals in July, 7628 in August, 9538 in September, 21,516 in October and finally 35,759 tourist arrivals in November. The statistics show a stable and positive improvement in the number of tourist arrivals every month.

The most number of tourist arrivals are from Russia as a total of 17,404 tourist arrivals from Russia were recorded till December 2nd. Other countries from which large number if tourist arrivals are recorded includes England, America, UAE, Germany, Ukraine, France, Spain and Brazil. Many new airlines have also started their travels to Maldives includes Air Seychelles, Air Astana and airlines such as British Airways have recommenced flights to Maldives.

The Maldivian borders were initially closed on March 15th due to the Covid-19 pandemic and reopened three months later on July 15th. Tourism Ministry has released guidelines to be followed when opening up services to tourists fot the protection of both tourists and locals.