N. Manadhoo Council fined

| Photo: manadhoolive

Male’, Maldives – The Enivronmental Protection Agency (EPA) has fined the N. Manadhoo island council after the council illegally cut down multiple palm trees in land newly allocated to be given out as property.

EPA said today that the council was fined for not completing necessary administrative work under Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) rule in the Maldivian Environment Protection and Preservation Act.

The Maldivian Environment Protection and Preservation Act states that an impact assessment study shall be submitted to the Ministry of Planning,
Human Resources and Environment before implementing any developing
project that may have a potential impact on the environment.

Due to violating this rule, Manadhoo council is now facing a fine of MVR 20,000, which needs to paid to EPA within 30 days.

Cutting down trees and palms as well as relocating palms has been frowned upon in the Maldives, with movements and campaigns such at the #MVTreeGrab advocating for greener islands in the country.