Senior police officers to be appointed again

Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed seen with other senior officers of Maldives Police Service | Photo: Police

Male’, Maldives – A new police service bill has been passed by the parliament after making amendments to several aspects including how to reappoint existing senior police officers.

The new amendment to the Police service bill was proposed by the MP for North Galolhu constitution and Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Eva Abdulla, although the actual bill was proposed by the main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s chairperson and West-Henveiru constituency, MP Hassan Latheef.

MP Eva proposed two amendments to the bill, of which the first is to the Article 75 of the bill. This amendment proposes the appointment of Board of Directors to the institution, which will be useful in the decision making process.

The second amendment proposed by MP Eva gives a detailed explanation of what needs to be checked into before reappointing the existing senior officers above the rank of police superintendent, except the Commissioner of Police.

This amendment requires several new details which need to be included in the recommendation report that will given by the National Integration Commission (NIC) on recruiting new senior officers. Specifically, the academic background, current rank within Maldives Police Service and the individual’s discipline and conduct.

This new amendment requires the authorities to closely check the number and type of complaints against the officers along with any allegations over corruption or inhumane acts regarding the officer. All details of this must be included in the recommendation report.

The recommendation report given by NIC must also include whether the individual has any disciplinary issues proved against him/her along with the details of their financial and debt status.

In addition to this, the recommendation must also have the time period spent by the officer on duty along with the records of how the officer achieved promotion from his/her position. NIC must also include their perspective and opinion regarding the officer in the recommendation.

The new amendment requires NIC to send the new detailed recommendation reports of the officers within forty five days after the bill is signed into law.