Parliament goes to recess after passing 15 bills

The People's Majlis 2020. | Photo: Parliament.

Male’, Maldives – The 19th Parliament of Maldives has gone into recess after passing a total of fifteen bills this year.

After concluding the last ceremony of the third parliamentary session today, the MP for North Galolhu constitution and Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Eva Abdulla gave a small description of the hard work that was done by the parliament members this year.

MP Eva mentioned that the parliament members spent a total of 89 hours in the ceremonies that were held this year and further 330 hours in the council committee.

According to MP Eva, the Parliament had passed a total of fifteen bills this year, along with concluding eight issues proposed by the President’s Office and another eight issues proposed by the incumbent government.

MP Eva also informed that other than these, the parliament’s committee also decided on fourteen cases that were related to different issues. In addition to this, 17 ministers were questioned during this year’s parliament sessions.

While looking into the major bills that were passed this year, MP Eva noted that the Education bill, the Police Service bill and the bill to ensure joint efforts to investigate cases related to children were some of the most important bills that the parliament had passed years.

Before concluding the last parliament session of the 19th parliament, MP Eva specifically thanked all the members of the different departments in the parliament on behalf of the speaker pf the parliament and the members as well.

While the parliament was initially set to go into recess by the end of November, the third parliamentary session was extended till December 07 due to the excessive amount of pending work.

The 20th parliament session is scheduled to begin during the first week of February 2021.