President is protecting the biggest thieves: Jameel

Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed | Photo: Minivan News Archive

Male’, Maldives – Former Vice President Dr.Mohamed Jameel said that the bigges thieves, referring to Adeeb and Ziyath who are at home arrest though they have been sentenced to jail, are under the protection of the president.

Jameel tweeted the statement after President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih said that the MMPRC corruption was revealed due to the fear of the government being overthrown.

In his tweet, Jameel said that neither can the president nor the government stop corruption as the biggest thieves are under the protection of the president and that corruption has increased this much due to the weak punishment system. In addition to this, he said that criminals staying at home even after being sentenced to jail shows that the president’s hands have been soiled far more than he can stop corruption. He further said that this shows that corruption is not a crime to be afraid of and that this is the legacy released by the president.

Jameel tweeted these statements directly aiming them at Adeeb and Ziyath as they both are still at home arrest even after being sentenced to jail over the case of MMPRC corruption. Both of them have been given great leniency in their sentences under agreements signed with the government.

While Ziyath was sentenced to 11 years of imprisonment two days ago, former VP Adheeb was sentenced to 20 years in jail on October this year. However, Adheeb was later transferred to house arrest just one day after being sentenced to jail.When asked as to why Adeeb was transferred to house arrest, an official of Maldives Correctional Service revealed that his health condition deteriorated.

Both the cases of Adeeb and Ziyad involved of MMPRC. These two cases are believed to be the largest corruption case recorded in Maldives’ history involving the embezzlement of MVR 4 billion in state funds. Despite this, Adeeb and Ziyad are given great leniency in their sentences when in fact they can be sent away for approximately 800 years, according to prosecutors