Prison is not a place for youngsters to spend their life

Minister of Home Affairs, Sheikh Imran Abdullah | Photo: Sun

Male’, Maldives – Home Minister Imran Abdullah has said that jail is not a place for youngsters to spent their lives and that government prioritises bringing them back into society.

Minister Imran said this in a tweet right after the ceremony held at Maafushi jail to award certificates to the inmates who completed courses under phase three of the rehabilitation framework. In his tweet Minister said that prison is not a place for youngsters to spend their lives and that the government also focuses on helping them to lead a responsible life rather than letting them go back into crime. He also congratulated the 50 recipients of the certificates after completing the courses in a separate tweet.

After the ceremony, Minister met with the graduatees of the course and said that rehabilitation of inmates os something that the government encourages after congratulating them for their accomplishment. He then urged the inmates to make good use of the skills learned during the course in order to live a responsible life after they get out.

50 inmates where present at the jail during the time of the ceremony whereas a total of 131 inmates completed the course altogether. This includes 18 females and 20 males who achieved higher distinction and were awarded medals for their achievement.

The aim of this program is to rehabilitate them and to give them a better education and develop their skills for a better, beneficial life when they reintegrate into the society. Also, to teach them the basic works of life and certified education and skills. Moreover, inmates those who complete this program are given further education based on their already learned skills, the purpose of which is to help and guide them to get jobs based on their skills and interests.

Maldives Correctional Service conducts various programs to rehabilitate inmates, provide job opportunities, and train them to get MQA accepted certificates. Also, the programmes teach various works to inmates those who want to learn, and provide opportunities for further studies. Inmates make good use of these provided opportunities as well.