Qatar Airways increases flight frequency to Maldives

An aircraft of Qatar Airways | Photo: Qatar Airways

Male’, Maldives – Qatar Airways has announced that they will be increasing the flight frequency to Maldives starting today, December 10th.

According to Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL), Qatar Airways have been operating one flight per day till now, but now will increase the number of flights to three flights per day. The airline revealed the flights will be operated on two Boeing 300-777 planes and one Boeing 787 plane.

Qatar Airways decided to increase its scheduled flights to the Maldives after establishing a travel bubble with the Maldives and introducing its packages. The airline said those travelling within the travel bubble will not be required to undergo quarantine after returning to Doha.

Qatar Airways was the first airline to commence flights to Maldives after the reopening of the national border and the airline is also an important presence in the international market as the tourism industry of the Maldives slowly comes back to life.

There are currently 19 international airlines travelling to Maldives and this includes airlines that recently started travelling to Maldives such as Air Seychelles and Air Astana. Tourism Ministry has also announced eight additional international airlines would also start their travels to Maldives by the end of December. This includes airlines such as Gulf Air, Air France and Alitalia.

The Maldivian borders closed in March due to the ongoing global pandemic, Covid-19 and had huge impact on the tourism industry as well as the economy. The borders were reopened 3 months later on July 15. Since the reopening of the border the number of tourists travelling to Maldives as well as the number of airlines operating to Maldives has slowly started to increase. Till now, near 100,000 tourists have arrived to the Maldives since border reopening.