Concerns of flying school students shared with VP Faisal

VP Faisal Naseem during his recent trip to Addu City | Photo: Presidents Office

Adducity, Maldives – Students of Addu flying school run by Asian Academy of Aeronautics (AAA) shared their concerns about the school with Vice President Faisal Naseem yesterday.

The meeting was held at Gan during the Vice President’s trip to Addu City and Fuvahmulah City on Saturday. The Vice President was accompanied by Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer, Health Minister Ahmed Naseem, Minister of the President’s Office Ali Shiyam and Undersecretary of the President’s Office Dr. Abdul Malik.

During the meeting, the students expressed their concern over the studies at the academy, the fee payment and even the extended length of the courses. The students shared their concerns in detail and very clearly regarding the troubles they are facing at the school. They particularly noted the troubles they face when having to pay the fees in US Dollars and explained how the academy is treating the students.

Speaking at the meeting, Vice President Faisal said that the government is closely watching all the troubles faced by the students. He even requested the Finance Minister Ameer to see if there is a way to aid the students on behalf of the government. This includes ensuring that the students are able to pay the fees in Maldivian Rufiyaa rather than US Dollars.

Finance Minister Ameer also reassured the students the government will try their best to aid the students. The students who took part in the meeting extended their gratitude to the Vice President and the ministers after they reassured the students that a solution would be found to these problems.

The problem of the flying school has come to the attention of many people through social media. MP Rozaina Adam also recently called out the Transport and Civil Aviation Ministry to take action against the school and heed to the concerns of the students.