Permanent Secretary of Transport Ministry resigns

Transport Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Abdulla Fayaz (R) | Photo: Sun

Male’, Maldives – Permanent Secretary of Transport Ministry, Abdullah Fayaaz has resigned from his position after over a month of suspension.

Fayaaz handed his resignation letter on Monday and wrote that at present, the Transport Ministry does not have an environment that allows him to do his work responsibly.

The resignation from Fayaaz comes after over a month of his suspension from his position as a Permanent Secretary.

According to the Civil Service Commission (CSC, Fayaaz was suspended to investigate all the corruption complaints that were filed against him to CSC and Anti Corruption Commission (ACC).

The suspension was to remain active until all investigations were completed against Fayaaz and until then, Fayaaz woud be relieved from all his duties and he would be paid during the time period.

However, CSC revealed yesterday itself that they could not find proof of any of the corruption accusations that were against him. CSC refrained from revealing the nature of the complaints and investigation to the public.

Fayaaz was appointed as the permanent secretary of Transport Ministry in April of 2019. Permanent secretaries rank the highest in the civil service hierarchy.

On September, CSC also placed Permanent Secretary of the Tourism Ministry, Aishath Sausan on paid leave, for the investigation process of complaints filed against her with the commission, as well as to further investigate the findings of an audit conducted on the Ministry by the commission.

Susan is of “gross negligence” in matters pertaining to the rights of employees, taking into regard that Susan has allegedly overworked employees in violation of regulations, denied leave and failure to provide necessary assistance among issues.