Arbitration services begins in Maldives

Photo: Maldives International Arbitration Centre

Male’, Maldives – The Maldives International Arbitration Center (MIAC) has begun providing its services today.

According to the statement released y the Arbitration Centre, complaints can be lodged at the center through its website starting from today in accordance with the law. Complaints are to be lodged via

The centre has also introduced virtual services which will give the opportunity to those submitting complaints to carry out the arbitration procedure virtually, which will increase the opportunity for the public to access the services of the center.

The law of arbitration was first ratified in Maldives back in 2013 and a arbitration centre was built and first opened up its services in 2019. The aim of the arbitration centre is to promote arbitration in Maldives and to clear a path for the public to have access to arbitration services.

The President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has appointed three members to the board of the arbitration centre. This includes lawyer Shahudhee as Chairman of the board and lawyers Hussain Siraj and Safa Shareef as board members. In addition to this Mamdhooh Ali who has been the Director of Local Government Authority for five years, has been appointed as the CEO of the centre.