Jameel criticizes government for mandating Yameen’s lawyers to do Covid-19 test

Former VP Dr. Mohamed Jameel | Photo: Edition

Male’Maldives – The first Vice President fired by Yameen’s administration, Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed, has criticized the government after Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom’s lawyers were told to submit PCR tests before meeting the imprisoned former President.

Speaking at a news conference by the Former President, Yameen’s lawyers earlier today, Dr.Jameel said that while health authorities have been lifting may restrictions as the current Covid-19 situation is favorable in the Maldives, that it was unacceptable for them to do PCR test before meeting with their client. He added that the President and government officials have made multiple trips out of Male’ and no such actions were made mandatory.

However, Yameen’s lawyers have not been able to meet him since the 6th of December citing supposed policy changes. Jameel went on to question what change in the coronavirus situation caused this.

Maafushi Prison, where Yameen is currently serving his 5 year money laundering sentence, has said that due to a Health Protection Agency (HPA) announcement, Yameen’s lawyers must submit a PCR test before meeting with their client.

Yameen’s defense team has said this is a clear case of discrimination and that they are enforcing this “only because their client was Former President Yameen”.

Lawyer Adam Aasif said that he went to meet prisoners just yesterday at Maafushi Prison which is operated under the Ministry of Home Affairs and did not need to submit a PCR test and questioned why procedures are different for the former President.

He added that the constitution mandates the government to provide lawyers to prisoners when they request to use their rights to a lawyer, and that the government cannot enforce additional conditions to this.

The former President’s team of lawyers bashed Home Minister Imran Abdhullah and Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem today, accusing them of unlawful influence on the case and prejudice against Yameen.

Yameen is currently facing additional charges that are that of accepting bribery, money laundering, under section 510, part (a) and (d) of the penal code, as well as section 53, part (a), section 5, part (a) (3) and section 53, part (b) of the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing Terrorism Act of the country.

According to the Prosecutor General’s Office, the additional charges against the former President are regarding a coverup for a USD 1,117,000 bribe taken via a mediator named Krik Riza in leasing of R. Fuhgiri to be developed as a tourist resort.