Muslim bodies must not be cremated: Dr. Shaheem

The former Islamic Minister of Maldives, Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeedh. | Photo via Avas

Male’, Maldives – The former Islamic Minister of Maldives, Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeedh has said that we cannot let the Muslim bodies get cremated in Sri Lanka.

The statement from Dr. Shaheem comes after the President of Sri Lanka, Gotabaya Rajapaksa addressed a letter to President of Maldives, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih requesting him to assist in burying the deceased Muslim victims of Covid-19 in their country under proper burial proceedings as Sri Lanka has difficulties in arranging the proper burial proceedings for those deceased Muslims.

For this reason, President Solih has discussed with concerning authorities to find ways to bury these deceased Muslims in Maldives instead of cremating the bodies in Sri Lanka.

Dr. Shaheem expressed his full support on President Solih’s decision to support the neighboring country and tweeted saying that the Muslim bodies must not be cremated at any cost and that Maldives should definitely help the country in properly burying the deceased.

Dr. Shaheem believes that all the Muslim citizens of Sri Lanka who passes away from the Covid-19 virus must be given the chance to be buried under proper Islamic burial proceedings in their own country and that it is their right as a human along with Islamic right as well.

He further said that every country must ensure that along with Muslims, every human in their country is given basic human rights at the most amount possible.

If they are not able to provide the citizens with their rights in any way, then I believe that the closest neighboring Muslim country must help and not let the Muslim bodies get cremated.

Dr. Shaheem stated.

While the Sri Lankan government had decided to cremate the 19 deceased Muslim Covid-19 victims who passed away, Muslims in Sri Lanka are raising their voices against this action, as the Islamic religion does not support cremation.

While President Solih is preparing to bury the Muslim bodies in Maldives, the former President of Maldives, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom expressed his dissatisfaction towards this decision and said that although he is fully in support of bringing foreigners into the country, he does not support the idea of bringing the bodies of foreigners who are Covid-19 victims and burying them in the country.

Despite this, to spread religious unity and to honor the long-standing friendship between the two neighboring countries, Maldives has decided to help Sri Lanka properly bury the deceased Muslims.s