Covid-19 curfew in Male’ area abolished

Traffic police seen talking with some people during the initial curfew days in the capital city of Male’ | Photo: Mihaaru

Male’, Maldives – Health Protection Agency of Maldives (HPA) has announced the annulment of the curfew which was announced in the capital nine months ago.

In an announcement released by the Director General of Public Heath, it states that the curfew which was announced on April 2 restricting daily movement including land and sea transport in capital Male’ and the suburbs Vilimale’ and Hulhumale‘ would not be in power and the restriction of going out after midnight until 4am in the morning would not be enforced anymore.

Even though the curfew has been lifted, other actions taken in order to prevent the spread of the virus would still be enforced. Actions such as wearing masks and quarantining of people going from Male’ to other islands would still need to be followed.

In addition to these easements, HPA has given further easements on some of the preventive measures as well. According to the new amendments made on Thursday by HPA, mass gatherings, events and ceremonies can now be held in the country. However, the agency urged everyone to strictly follow the safety guidelines and instructions to avoid getting infected by the contagious Covid-19 virus.

In addition to this, HPA also informed that sports events and activities can also be held in the country now. However, this new amendment will only be effective starting from December 20. 

The previous protective measures given by HPA, events and gatherings cannot be attended by more than 30 individuals.

Maldives now has a total of 13,444 confirmed Covid-19 cases with 553 active cases present at the time being. The total number of recoveries has now reached 12,836 as the recovery rate has increased rapidly from less than 60% to 95% over the past months. Up to date, 48 people have passed away from Covid-19 in Maldives.