Curfew restriction eased in Malé

Police and MNDF officers at a checkpoint in Malé amid the tightened restrictive measures imposed against Covid-19 spread| Photo: MNDF

Male’, Maldives – Health Protection Agency (HPA), has eased the curfew restrictions placed in Male’ City, the capital of Maldives, shortening the curfew hours From 16:00 till 04:00.

Speaking at the press conference held this evening, spokesperson of Health Emergency Operations Center (HEOC), Dr Nazla Rafeeq told that people would also be allowed to exercise without having to get any permit from 04:00 till 08:00 every morning.

However, from 08:00 till 16:00, only those who have approvals would be allowed on the roads as being practiced now according to Dr Nazla.

In addition to this easements also include allowing prayers in mosques with physical distancing but congregational prayer gatherings are still not allowed.

Restaurants and cafés are also allowed to provide takeaway services from 08:00 till 16:00 and delivery services from 16:00 onward. Dr Nazla also added that a special guideline for saloons and gyms was being prepared and that it would be published soon.

The easements in the capital have been given following the low cases being reported in the Greater Malé Area in the past several days with only