Nasheed is threatening Dr. Muiz because he is gaining support: Opposition

Acting leader of the opposition PNC/ PPM coalition, Abdul Raheem Abdulla (Adhurey) | Photo: Fayaz Moosa

Male’, Maldives – The opposition coalition, composed of the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and the People’s National Congress (PNC) has said that Former President of Maldives and current Speaker of the parliament, Mohamed Nasheed is “making threats” against Male’ Mayoral candidate Dr Mohamed Muizz as the latter is gaining support.

This comes after Nasheed, speaking yesterday at a news conference, said that carrying out elections while opposition members are imprisoned is unacceptable and should not happen under any circumstance.

He added that even though Dr.Muizz, Former Housing Minister is accused of perjury, he hopes that he will not jailed until Muizz loses the elections. He even stated that he wishes to see Muizz lose with around 6 votes in Male’.

Speaking on the matter, PNC’s PG group leader and former Minister of Defense Adam Shareef Umar said such words that violate Muizz’s electoral rights, in an attempt to intimidate Muizz as Nasheed is depressed by the support Muizz is gaining.

PNC’s President Abdul Raheem Abdulla reiterated this, saying that Nasheed is certain that Dr.Muizz cannot be beaten, adding that Muizz will not back down to such threats.

Prosecutor General’s Office has previously revealed that Dr. Muizzu is to be charged with perjury under the Article (520) section (A) and (E) of the Penal Code of Maldives and if found guilty, he could face a sentence of at least four months and 24 days.

These charges are regarding his false testimony in the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague on June 25, 2019, as a witness on behalf of Noomadi Resorts and Residences, against the Maldivian government.