Didn’t run for mayorship to argue with government – Dr. Muizz

Former Minister of Housing and Infrastructure, Dr. Mohamed Muiz | Photo: Mohamed Sharuhaan

Malé, Maldives – Mayoral candidate of the opposition Progressive Congress coalition running for Malé City Dr. Mohamed Muizz has stated that he did not contest in the elections with the intention of arguing and mocking the current administration.

In an interview given to local news outlet ‘Hathaavees’, Dr. Muizz said that his intentions for Malé are to resolve the issues faced by the people and that he has full confidence that he can take the city in the direction which people want it to go, specially by utilizing his knowledge and expertise.

He added that his work would be carried out in harmony with the people and their requests as well as by taking initiative and making suggestions which would benefit the public. He also stated that he would work with the government in achieving this.

I am not contesting to argue or mock the government, or even withhold any thing. Instead, I will become someone who will make proposals to the government on behalf of the government and plays an active role in achieving what the public want

Dr. Mohamed Muizz, Mayoral candidate, Male’ City, Progressive Congress Coalition

Muizz’s candidacy and pledges come with a total of seven years under his belt as former Housing Minister of the Maldives, during the reins of former Presidents Dr. Mohamed Waheed and Yameen Abdul Qayyoom.