HPA issues guideline on holding campaigns

Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) in the Mee Magey Raajje campaign for the local council elections 2020 on February 28, 2020. | Photo: PPM

Male’, Maldives – The Health Protection Agency (HPA) has issued guidelines that needs to be followed when holding campaigns in the atolls of Maldives.

HPA noted that all campaigns can only be held with either a written permission from HPA or the Maldives Police Service.

Although the risk of spreading Covid-19 has not completely worn out in the country, under special guidelines, HPA is allowing parties to hold campaigns for the upcoming local council elections as the number of Covid-19 cases has decreased by a great extend over the past few months.

HPA informed that all events must be held adhering to protective measures considering the Covid-19 situation in the atoll. This includes all citizens wearing masks if they come to welcome the members and everyone maintaining at least three feet between them.

HPA also advised anyone with possible symptoms for the virus to not take part in any political events that will be held regarding the local council elections.

The guidelines also stated that the respective parties must inform the island council before arriving to the island and know the specific rules that are active in the island.

In addition to this, HPA restricted arranging buffets for any meetings, events or ceremonies that may be held in the islands as well. HPA urged everyone to bring their own water bottles and other necessary equipment to reduce the risk of getting infected.

The guidelines given by HPA also states that incase an individual needs to spend the night at an island, they should avoid going to the houses where residents live and also avoid eating along with the residents as well.

The local council elections were initially scheduled to be held in April. However, due to the current Covid-19 pandemic in Maldives, the elections were postponed and is now to be held on March 6th of 2021.