First dive master of Maldives passes away

First certified dive master of Maldives Ibrahim Moosa | photo: Mohamed Nasheed

Male’, Maldives – The first ever professional licensed dive master of Maldives, Ibrahim Moosa has passed away today.

Following the passing Ibrahim Moosa, Former President and Speaker of the Parliament of the Maldives Mohamed took to his Twitter to express his gratitude over the loss. Nasheed said that Ibrahim Moosa is one of the first professional drivers of Maldives and that he is also a remarkable servicemen in the tourism industry. He further wished for Ibrahim Moosa to be granted the blessing of paradise and forwarded his condolences to his family and close ones.

Mr.Ibrahim Moosa, Palm Lodge, (Reynige), Lh.Naifaru is known as the first certificed dive master of Maldives and his contributions as a diver and to the tourism industry are appreciated and acknowledged nation wide.

Dive tourism in the Maldives is globally known and is popular among a large number of the tourists visiting Maldives. It is due to the great contributions of individuals such as Ibrahim Moosa that the industry in Maldives is as successful as it is today. Though the tourism industry has bee largely affected by the global pandemic, Maldives is slowly recovering from the pandemic and is on its track to regain the previous successful state of the industry.